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Transparency International Finland is the Finnish chapter of the global anti-corruption coalition Transparency International. You can reach us via info(a)

Finland traditionally scores high on the Corruption Perceptions Index. However, the scope of the CPI does not cover all forms of corruption that are typical to Finland, such as conflicts of interest, unethical decision-making and favouritism. In Global Corruption Barometer, 25 % of the Finnish respondents reported that they use personal connections for public services.

Finland has adopted an anticorruption strategy in May 2021, but the government has not appointed a body to monitor the implementation of the strategy. This needs to be fixed quickly.

TI Finland calls for a comprehensive approach for monitoring corruption across all sectors in Finland. Equally, sector-specific and regular risk assessments are needed. Only this way we can draw a realistic picture of the presence of corruption in our society and determine the best methods to fight it.