Transparency International Latvia, Estonia, and Finland, invitation for an event on the importance of open data in the investigation of security risks and corruption

Norden invite

Transparency International Latvia, Estonia, Finland chapters invite you to participate in an event on the role of open data in preventing security risks and fighting corruption. We will present a prototype of a newly developed tool that helps to identify companies that import goods from Belarus and Russia and at the same time participate in public procurement in Latvia. Experts from Latvia, Finland and Estonia will discuss the availability of open data, the possibilities of using it in research, as well as the necessary changes in regulatory acts. The event will be held online in English on April 26, 2024 at 11.00–12.30. Representatives of civil society, state institutions and companies and other interested parties from Latvia, Finland, Estonia and other countries are invited to participate in the event, which is organized by TI Latvia in cooperation with the Estonian and Finnish chapters of Transparency International. Registration is here->!

“Open data can be used by the public and researchers to uncover and shed light on suspicious and criminal activity. They can play an important role in identifying and detecting corruption and other criminal activities, as well as investigating and preventing security risks. At the event, we will present a prototype of one particular tool, which has been developed by a team formed by TI Latvia, Estonia and Finland. This tool, using open data, shows us that there are still certain companies that import goods from Belarus and Russia and at the same time participate in public procurement in Latvia. We believe that these companies are a significant threat to Latvia’s security. This is just one example of how citizens, using publicly available data, can discover what the state authorities have not discovered so far,” stresses the director of TI Latvia, Inese Tauriņa.

At the event, the team formed by Delna will present their developed prototype of the tool. Experts and journalists will share their experiences on the importance of open data in research and journalism in Estonia, Finland and Latvia, as well as on the importance of data in preventing security risks. In the panel discussion, experts will discuss the availability of open data and challenges in three countries, as well as the recently published information about the deletion of political party donation data and official declarations after a certain period of time.

The chapters of Transparency International in Latvia, Estonia and Finland have developed a comparative analysis of countries’ approaches using open data as a tool in their respective fields against corruption. This analysis can be found here->. Open data is critical to citizen oversight and anti-corruption efforts, as it improves institutional transparency and accountability. By making information readily available to the public, open data enables citizens and civic organizations to effectively monitor the activities and expenditures of various public and private sector actors. This transparency acts as a deterrent against corruption and promotes a culture of trust between governments, institutions and citizens, empowering communities to actively participate in decision-making processes.

More information: Jēkabs Kārlis Rasnačs, Transparency International Latvia, +37129216268, jekabs.rasnacs [at] delna [dot] lv

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